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Exhibition: A brush with Indonesian cinema advertising

A series of Mutiny Media exhibitions from 1999 to 2008, showcasing the craft of cinema advertising and sign writing from Indonesia.

Exhibition: 29th July to 5th August, 2008
Gallery space: No Vacancy, 29 Red Cape Lane
Queen Victoria building Melbourne 3000

Reviewed - Diana Plater - AAP (18th August)

Indonesian billboard artists interpret film marketing graphics from all over the world onto canvas banners.
This hand-painted practice is rapidly being phased out as digitally printing these large advertising banners
becomes the norm.

The Artifiction exhibition was a rare opportunity to view these prized examples of hand-painted billboard art.
The exhibition includes examples of popular films from USA, China and Europe such as The Crow: Wicked Prayer
from USA, Dragon Tiger Gate from Hong Kong and Shut Up (Tais Toi) from France.

The gallery overflowed with these huge, colourful and action-packed canvas banners which previously hung
outdoors and were weathered by the elements. We see a larger than life Harrison Ford in Firewall, but do not
recognise him for his Asian characteristics. Hollywood has been reframed, mashed up and reconstructed for
an Asian audience.

Local painters have embellished the source images to present a more marketable extension of what came
from the Hollywood ‘dream factory’. In so doing the banners have crossed the line from being an artefact to a
more elaborate re-imagined artifiction.

For further information contact Nicholas Hansen at Mutiny Media
m: +61 (0)421 762 122

NO VACANCY - Gallery

Review - Diana Plater - AAP (18th August)

The Vine
The Big Bold Bad Film Art of Artifiction
Gemma Jones, 26th July
Opening night photos, 31st July, by Phoebe Bond

ARTIFICTION - Facebook event

Exhibition: Pop Gun

Pop Gun was an exhibition of cinema art held at The Lounge nightclub in Melbourne - 12th June to 3rd July 2001.
The show explored loaded imagery in Indonesian film advertising. These hand painted works on canvas have all at one point in time been outdoor advertising. The exhibition explored the ways films are repackaged for cultural acceptance. Local Indonesian artists were employed by distributors and cinemas to create these posters quickly and accurately. The posters on show included titles from America, Europe and China, in the genres of action, drama and romance.

Pop Gun, post card 2001


Exhibition: Cinema Art From the Mysterious East

Cinema Art From the Mysterious East was an exhibition of hand painted cinema art at Revolver nightclub in 1999.

Cinema Art from the Mysterious East, exhibition post card 1999


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