Mutiny Media

Street Art - Short Documentaries

Mutiny Media produced a selection of short films on the subject of Australian street art between 2002 & 2009.


Cut it Out


This short film is a creative documentation of the collaborative artwork being made by HAHA, SYNC and DLUX for the Cut it Out exhibition. This work screened on the exhibitions opening night, 3 June 2003, Misty Bar, Hosier Lane, Melbourne. This short documentary shows DLUX, SYNC and HAHA in a three way stencilling tussle for supremacy.

Cit it Out
Cut it Out, 2003, 4 minutes, Documentary

Urban Express


Urban Express tells the story of two urban pranksters and the ways they challenge the community by stenciling political messages on advertising billboards and the streets. The film was awarded Best Documentary & Melbourne and Sydney audience awards Music and Film Independent Artists Film Festival 2004.

Urban Express
Urban Express, 2004, 7 Minutes, Documentary, Music by RHyNO True Live and The Cat Empire


Eye Saw


Eye Saw is a short documentary about art activists who hijack advertising billboards, stencil images, write slogans and make music to broadcast under represented views designed to contribute to public conversations. These artists who choose to work on the urban canvas apply messages that share both artistic and political objectives.

Eye Saw

Eye Saw was published in 2005 with a collection of short films on the Time To Go John DVD - Distributed by Madman Entertainment. The video can be viewed online here.

Eye Saw
Eye Saw, 2004, 4 minutes, Documentary, Music by RHyNO True Live


A Free-Dragging Manifesto


A short documentary exploring interventions in the city space and the physical graffiti of WorkmanJones, Jason Workman and Patrick Jones.

Screened at A Free-Dragging Manifesto book launch and reading, 2008 Melbourne Writers Festival.

A Free-Dragging Manifesto, 5 Minutes, 2008, Documentary, Sound Design Stephen Adam


10 Minuts


10 Minuts is a dual camera time lapse photographic documentary & sound installation commissioned to accompany the Melbourne exhibition ‘Pet Machine’ by Brazilian artist Celso Gitahy.

10 Minuts 10 Minuts, 2009, 7mins, Documentary video & sound installation Nicholas Hansen

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