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The high cost of being a truth-seeking journalist in the emerging nation of East Timor


Filmed over four years in East Timor, the region's most misunderstood nation, Breaking the News gets behind the scenes of news reportage to challenge those who think a free press automatically comes with independence.

Local journalists intermittently work for foreign media uncovering tough stories in an unstable environment. What happens to the local journalists when foreign reporters return safely home after covering each crisis, their stories in the can?


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For the first time this documentary reveals the story of East Timorese journalists at the centre of their country's turmoil and the high cost of bearing witness to the struggles.

Filmed in newspaper offices, in homes and on the street, this observational journey gives a strong sense of the life for journalists in a developing country.

Breaking the News intends to promote discussion and debate amongst program makers and the general public, to help broaden our understanding of media ethics as they collide with the demands faced by foreign correspondents working in complex political environments.

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